Thursday, January 15, 2009

Session 1 - Question 3

How might we, as a district, improve our practices to best meet the intellectual and emotional lives of gifted children? Reflect upon your own practices. What have you done well? What will you do differently? Please relate your reflection to what you've read. (Don't forget to give us some page numbers so we can look back.)

Session 1 - Question 2

You may have related the stories regarding asynchrony in Chapter 4 to your own experiences. What is needed in the gifted teacher’s “toolbox” to accommodate this characteristic of gifted students? What are your stories about gifted students' asynchrony?

Session 1 - Question 1

In Chapter 2, the authors discuss the many, varied projects Tamara's students have done in their independent studies. They describe an amazing experience for students. Have you facilitated this type of experience in your classroom?
  • If so, how did it go? How did you overcome your nervousness about giving students this type of freedom and the feeling of chaos in your room?
  • If not, what barriers keep you from doing it? How can you overcome those barriers?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Intelligent Life in the Classroom

Spring 2009 GT Book Study

SBISD educators are participating in a spring GT Book Study on Intelligent Life in the Classroom: Smart Kids & Their Teachers. The first 3 "sessions" are by blog with a final face-to-face meeting. For each session, questions will be posted on this blog. Participants are to respond to the questions by commenting on them. In addition, participants must comment on at least 2 other people's responses for each session. Make sure you claim your responses! Don't post anonymously because you can't get credit that way!

For this to be a rich professional development experience, you need to check the blog periodically. What have others said about your comments? What are your thoughts on theirs? Read comments and respond to them!

Here's the schedule:
  • Session 1 responses due by January 26 regarding Chapters 1 – 4
  • Session 2 responses due by February 23 regarding Chapters 5 – 7
  • Session 3 responses due by March 23 regarding Chapters 8 – 11
  • Session 4 f2f meeting on April 20 regarding Chapters 12 – 13
Not an educator in SBISD? Grab a copy of the book and join our discussion!