Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Session 1 - Question 3

What "a-ha's" did you experience reading this section? If you didn't have an "a-ha" what about an "oh yeah, I knew that"?

Session 1 - Question 2

Select one of the following quotes and offer your opinion along with supportive evidence from the text: (don't forget to include page numbers)

  • “If we provide able learners with a curriculum too easily mastered, we run the risk of undermining and demotivating them, setting the stage for boredom, disappointment, and underachievement. We also rob society of the opportunity to profit from what these creative, innovative, clear-thinking children could accomplish if we set their minds free.” (pg. 8)
  • “We speak comfortably about elite athletes in our schools. If the purpose of school is education, why are we so uncomfortable with the concept of elite students?” (pg. 15)
  • “Parents and schools must provide all students with equal opportunity but not with equal treatment.” (pg. 15)
  • “In constructivist classrooms, students don’t sit passively soaking up data and theories. Instead, they breathe life into their own learning.” (pg. 43)

Session 1 - Question 1

What are some issues educators face in meeting the special educational needs of gifted students? Give examples and don't forget to site page numbers to guide others to your references.

Fall 2009 GT Book Study - A Love for Learning

SBISD educators are participating in a GT Book Study by blog on A Love for Learning: Motivation and the Gifted Child by Carol Strip Whitney, Ph.D. with Gretchen Hirsch.

The first and final sessions are face-to-face meetings. After hosting a couple of these, we've found an initial face-to-face is highly beneficial in helping participants get acclimated to a blog environment. The middle 2 sessions are by blog. For every session, questions will be posted on this blog.

  • Participants are to respond to all posted questions by commenting on them.

  • Participants are to comment on at least 2 other people's responses for each session.

  • Make sure you claim your responses! Don't post anonymously because you can't get credit that way!

  • For this to be a rich professional development experience, you need to check the blog periodically. What have others said about your comments? What are your thoughts on theirs? Read comments and respond to them!


  • Session 1 (f2f) responses done during the session on September 29, Chapters 1 – 2
  • Session 2 responses due by October 20, Chapters 3 – 6
  • Session 3 responses due by November 10, Chapters 7 – 11
  • Session 4 (f2f) responses due before the December 1 meeting, Chapters 12 – 15

Not an educator in SBISD? Grab a copy of the book and join our discussion!