Monday, June 30, 2014

Session 2014 Session 4 - Question 3

Would you recommend this book to your colleagues? 

Why or why not?

Summer 2014 Session 4 - Question 2

What was most insightful to you during the reading of this book? Give pages.

Summer 2014 Session 4 - Question 1

Session 4 = Chapter 12  - Final Thoughts & Recommended Resources (pgs. 157-208)

What were your "Ah-has" from the reading of pages 157-208? Why? Site page numbers you reference. 

Summer 2014 Session 3 - Question 3

Chapter 10 is titled, "What Makes a Good Coach?". How would you answer that question?

Summer 2014 Session 3 - Question 2

As an educator, share the "golden nuggets" you gleamed from chapter 9? Why do you think this bit of information will assist you with gifted students?

Summer 2014 Session 3 - Question 1

In chapter 8 there are three "Notes to Teachers". Which one "spoke" to you and why? Remember to site the page number.

Summer 2014 Session 2 - Question 3

From this section what is something that you would apply to a class or student? Why? Remember to give the page numbers.

Summer 2014 Session 2 - Question 2

What "Golden Nuggets" of wisdom did you gain from this section of reading? Cite page numbers and why these nuggets "spoke" to you during your reading.

Summer 2014 Session 2 - Question 1

Session 2 = Chapters 5 - 7 (pgs. 55-102)

Was the author's lay out of these chapters helpful in your understanding of the emotional intensity of gifted students? Explain why and include page numbers.

Summer 2014 Session 1 - Question 3

From the section you just read, what idea would you like to explore more and why?  Give reference to the page number.

Summer 2014 Session 1 - Question 2

Why do you think it is important to learn about the emotion intensities of gifted students? 

Summer 2014 Session 1 - Question 1

Session 1 = Introduction through Chapter 4 (pgs. IX - 54)

What was a new thought/idea for you from this reading section?  Remember to give the page number(s) as to where this idea was generated.

Requirements for Credit

The power in a book study comes from the dialogue regarding the reading.  For that reason, there are requirements related to your answering each posted question and to responding to others' posts.

Prior to the final due date for the blog, participants must:

  • Respond to each question posted.  There will be 4 "sessions" with about 3 questions each.
  • At least 2 times per "session," post comments that specifically address other participants' responses.  To allow us to track your comments, include the other participant's blog name and the date he/she posted at the start of your comment.  You may agree or disagree with participants, but be sure to include your reasoning.  "I agree" is not a meaningful response that contributes to the conversation.  "I agree because..." is more likely to contribute to the dialogue.
Unlike our previous book study blogs, all questions will be posted at the same time.  If you do the book study early, you will need to visit again in order to respond to other people's posts and to dialogue about yours.

In case you need assistance in blogging and commenting, you can check out the instructions we have previously provided here.

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students - SBISD Book Study

The focus of this book study is Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students by Christine Fonseca.  Participants are responsible for purchasing their own books.

This book is designed to help parents and teachers alike in understanding  the emotional intensities of gifted as well as how to communicate in a positive way that assist gifted students in acquiring a more in depth look at themselves so they may recognize, monitor and adjust their own behavior while learning to cope with their explosive feelings.  Specific strategies are referred to during the reading that assists educators and parents with gifted student’s underperformance in school, perfectionism, stress management, and social anxiety.

Session 1 = Introduction - Chapter 4 (pgs. IX - 54)
Session 2 = Chapters 5-7 (pgs. 55-102)
Session 3 = Chapters 8-11 (pgs. 103-156)
Session 4 = Chapters 12 - Final Thoughts & Recommended Resources (pgs. 157-208)