Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall 2009 GT Book Study - A Love for Learning

SBISD educators are participating in a GT Book Study by blog on A Love for Learning: Motivation and the Gifted Child by Carol Strip Whitney, Ph.D. with Gretchen Hirsch.

The first and final sessions are face-to-face meetings. After hosting a couple of these, we've found an initial face-to-face is highly beneficial in helping participants get acclimated to a blog environment. The middle 2 sessions are by blog. For every session, questions will be posted on this blog.

  • Participants are to respond to all posted questions by commenting on them.

  • Participants are to comment on at least 2 other people's responses for each session.

  • Make sure you claim your responses! Don't post anonymously because you can't get credit that way!

  • For this to be a rich professional development experience, you need to check the blog periodically. What have others said about your comments? What are your thoughts on theirs? Read comments and respond to them!


  • Session 1 (f2f) responses done during the session on September 29, Chapters 1 – 2
  • Session 2 responses due by October 20, Chapters 3 – 6
  • Session 3 responses due by November 10, Chapters 7 – 11
  • Session 4 (f2f) responses due before the December 1 meeting, Chapters 12 – 15

Not an educator in SBISD? Grab a copy of the book and join our discussion!

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