Monday, June 30, 2014

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students - SBISD Book Study

The focus of this book study is Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students by Christine Fonseca.  Participants are responsible for purchasing their own books.

This book is designed to help parents and teachers alike in understanding  the emotional intensities of gifted as well as how to communicate in a positive way that assist gifted students in acquiring a more in depth look at themselves so they may recognize, monitor and adjust their own behavior while learning to cope with their explosive feelings.  Specific strategies are referred to during the reading that assists educators and parents with gifted student’s underperformance in school, perfectionism, stress management, and social anxiety.

Session 1 = Introduction - Chapter 4 (pgs. IX - 54)
Session 2 = Chapters 5-7 (pgs. 55-102)
Session 3 = Chapters 8-11 (pgs. 103-156)
Session 4 = Chapters 12 - Final Thoughts & Recommended Resources (pgs. 157-208)


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  2. This book was a terrific choice for a summer book study. It is easy to read and full of useful tips for the classroom. Thanks for providing this as a resource.